Samantha Ege

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Artistic Advisor, Pianist, Scholar

Samantha Ege is a scholar, pianist and educator. She studied Music at the University of Bristol, UK and McGill University, Canada. She is now conducting her PhD in Music at the University of York, UK where her research centres on African-American composer, Florence Price. As a concert pianist, her focus on women composers has led to solo performances at the Arts House (supported by the British High Commission and International Women's Day), the Chicago Symphony Center, the University of York, Monash University and the Women Composers Festival of Hartford. 

Ege released her debut album in May 2018 with Wave Theory Records, entitled Four Women: Music for solo piano by Florence Price, Vítězslava Kaprálová, Ethel Bilsland and Margaret Bonds. The album has been described as “an impressive collection...performed with virtuosic assurance.” She has also been commended “for her goal to bring the music of these composers to greater public awareness.”

Ege currently lives in Singapore where she teaches Music at the United World College of South East Asia. She is originally from England and shares Nigerian and Jamaican heritage.



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